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About Deb Larson

"The world will ask you who you are, and if you do not know, the world will tell you."
—Carl Jung.

As a Jungian life coach, hypnotherapist, and artist, I utilize my diverse training, skills, and lifetime of experience to guide my clients on their personal journey towards self-realization.

I believe that each of us has an inner wisdom that can be tapped into and the ability to create the meaningful life we crave. As a witness to the transformative power of this work, I am inspired every day by the progress and breakthroughs my clients experience… no matter what their goals are.

By drawing on the wisdom of Jungian psychology, neuroscience, eastern philosophy, and creative expression, I help my clients break free from past conditioning and limiting beliefs. In doing so, they become empowered to imagine new possibilities for themselves and take positive steps towards their goals.

Typically, clients are amazed to experience how their consultation and mini-session already brings about liberating insights and understandings. It would be my pleasure to share the gift of Jungian Life Coaching with you too.

Create what you love... Love what you create.

The Art of Deb Larson

Your Jungian Creativity Coach...

Mid-Life Awakening Visualization

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