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The Art of Living - Deb Larson




Couch Culture 17: The Art of Living

As I was reviewing the snapshots from this particular photo shoot, quickly clicking from one to the next, it suddenly felt like I was watching a stop-motion film. My heart started to beat wildly as one thing became very clear to me… true to her nature, B did not sit still for long. Instead, she fluttered around J, talking and gesturing animatedly. J was engaged but barely moved in all of those shots. She wears many hats… as business woman, community volunteer, arts leader, collector and advocate, wife, mother and friend. He, the easy-going artist, is the man behind the woman at this point in their life together. As an artist interested in capturing authentic narratives of my subjects, it amazes me how snapshots never let me down as they inevitably allow personal truths to surface.

Oils on Canvas     60″w x 48″h   SOLD