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Prairie Living...Winter Dreams - Deb Larson




Couch Culture 5: Prairie Living…Winter Dreams

While this series initially began as a playful study of the couch potato phenomenon, it soon became apparent that most of my subjects are truly connected to the land, whether it’s through stewardship, self-reliance, exercise, aesthetic appreciation, or play. Place innately informs the narrative and composition in one form or another in this series and gives the couch a run for its money.

This particular snapshot stood out to me as I noticed a bit of stiffness in C. It made perfect sense…we were in the midst of a very bleak winter and he would much rather be outdoors — walking the prairie, hunting, fishing, or caring for duck nests with his wife, L. Hence, the couch juxtaposed outdoors in the middle of a slough and prairie. Painting techniques like de-saturation, dripping paint, and ghosting also create a dream quality.

Oils on canvas   60″h x 80″w

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