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Basking - Deb Larson


Couch Culture 15: Basking

While I often include personal objects, text, or other symbols to build personal narrative, this quiet moment of basking in each other’s devotion indulges a simpler composition.

I do not pose my subjects. In fact, I ask them to not look at the camera. I’m interested in their natural state. I want them to forget I’m there, be themselves.

I was drawn to the afternoon light and contrasting dark couch in this composition.  Painting the white clothes was surprisingly gratifying – ‘yummy’  with all of those colors showing up in the shadows.

Acrylics on canvas – 32″w x 42″h framed

Available – contact me at for purchasing details

*This painting was shown the DeVos Art Museum  “North of the 45th 2016” Juried Art Exhibition at the Northern Michigan University Marquette, MI