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Creativity Is a Habit

Spontaneous painting – Staying in the moment…
Creativity is a habit and the best creativity is the result of good work habits.”  Twyla Tharp

I’m getting in the studio more often these days and it feels quite wonderful.

I’ve been working on getting in there first thing every morning. It’s not usually my thing, I also like to get my coursework reading and writing done while I’m still waking up.

But lately, I’ve actually found myself drawn in…first cup of coffee in hand, checking out the painting(s) I was working on the day before. I either feel really satisfied with where they are at, or I see something I didn’t before, compelled to put out some paint and start mark-making. Either way it’s a win!

Of course, it helps that my studio is right off the kitchen. It also helps that I like what I’m painting. While I am in between narrative themes, I decided spontaneous painting is what my creative mojo needs – it’s quite freeing! No sources, no plans – just me, some upbeat tunes, a brush, canvas and paint! Letting each stroke inform what I do next…

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