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Creativity Coach - Deb Larson

Creativity Coach

A Matter of Habit

Cultivate Your Creative Habits with Deb…

“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” –Vincent van Gogh


Whether you are a beginning, emerging or mid-level artist, I am here to help you be your most authentic, healthy, productive, creative, successful artist-self.

As a creativity coach, I draw on my art education and Creativity Coach training, as well as my personal experiences with creating, marketing, selling, and exhibiting art. My board leadership and grant panel experiences on a regional arts council also allow me to provide an inside point of view with grant writing. I also offer web-site building services.

As we work together to determine what next steps will best serve your needs, I will provide thoughtful insight, support, feedback, and guidance essential to tackling your creative challenges from internal and/or external sources. All of our communications are completely confidential.

Interested? More Questions?

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Who can benefit from working with a creativity coach?

If you are just beginning to pursue your life-long desire to create, or have studied art but never committed to regular practice, I can help you...

  • discover your creative gifts and how best to express them
  • navigate life challenges like ‘life just keeps getting in the way’
  • gain the courage, skills and knowledge needed to share your work

If you are an emerging or mid-career artist, we can address the following issues and more…

  • ‘there is just not enough time or energy in the day’ to create on a regular basis
  • self-doubt, anxiety or fear are getting in the way of creating
  • you feel stuck or uninspired
  • you find yourself procrastinating
  • you have trouble choosing or finishing projects

I will share daily habits and practical tips to help you find or revive your creative mojo. In no time, you will make amazing progress on your project(s).

I can also help if you need someone safe and confidential to creatively think out loud to, or feel you would benefit from a bi-weekly or monthly accountability partner.

Interested? More questions? Contact me via email by clicking here:  or go to for more details

How to get started:
  • For fees and package details or more information, please go to or contact me via email by clicking here
  • Web-site service fees are separate. For more details, click here: or go to
  • Once you decide you would like to try creativity coaching and connect with me, I will send a short series of questions via email, which will help us determine what stage you are at, what your needs are, and/or where you struggle to implement your artistic ideas, visions, and goals.
  • Creativity coaching will initially be conducted through email, with a some exceptions.
  • We will decide together how often we will connect as part of our initial consultation.
  • Then we will work together to help you choose your next steps.