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Commissions - Deb Larson


Couch Culture 15: Music Soothes the Soul

Individual and Group Portraits: 

  • I paint on canvases no smaller than 30″ x 40″ for 1 or 2 subjects. Canvas sizes increase with additional subjects. 
  • Fees start at $750 for first person and then $500 per added person, may also increase depending upon special requests, size, complexity of composition, and/or style used. This would all be discussed prior to starting the commission.
  • Other surfaces will be considered upon request.
  • I can work from your crisp photos but I prefer to take my own when possible.
  • You can reach me at for more info, etc. 






Acrylic Dog Portrait

Pet Portraits:

  • Fee per pet is $250 for 16″ x 20″ or $325 for 24″ x 24″.
  • Canvas size and fee increases with added pets.
  • Larger sizes also available. 

You can reach me at